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Monday -- 16 April 2001

Wednesday -- 04 October 2000



Crowntex recently introduced its CC-4005 heavy-duty PVC-coated canvas made of 100% polyester fabric substrate that was woven with 1000 denier polyester filament yarns for superior strength and durability.  This coated fabric was specifically formulated for use as cover materials in large construction projects.  Within a short period of time after its introduction, the CC-4005 PVC-coated canvas has proven to be popular and is already being used in many construction projects in Thailand.  Many overseas buyers have also expressed interest in using these fabrics for architectural applications.

The photographs on the left show a recently-constructed dome-shaped warehouse covering some 1,500 square meters.  This structure is completely protected from the elements by CC-4005 PVC-coated canvas.  This heavy-duty canvas is water-proofed and specially treated to resist mildew and ultraviolet rays.  It is also treated for fire retardance in accordance with customer's requirements.

The CC-4005 PVC-coated canvas has a specific weight of approximately 720 grams per square meter and is available in 64 inches width.  Three colors are available at present -- white, cream and dark blue.  They are normally packed in rolls of 50 meters, but larger rolls can also be supplied, if required.  Custom colors can also be made available to meet specific customers' requirements.

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Twelve new Dornier automatic rapier weaving looms were added to the Crowntex weaving mill in early July 2000.  Four of these looms are equipped with Staubli Jacquard attachments, enabling the company to expand its drapery and upholstery fabric offerings to include Jacquard weaves. The balance is equipped with Staubli Dobby attachments.  Additional Jacquard looms are planned for 2001 as the company becomes more established in the Jacquard fabric market segment.

A new air compressor has also been added to supplement the existing Ingersoll-Rand units in supplying high-quality, moisture-free compressed air to power the company’s existing air jet weaving looms, the new rapier weaving looms and other pneumatic equipment.

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A new range of Jacquard fabrics has been developed to expand the drapery and upholstery fabric line offered by the company.  These fabrics are made up of cotton, spun polyester and polyester filament yarns in various yarn sizes and a variety of designs, colors and shades.  These new fabrics may be viewed in the Products Section of this website.   Orders are now being accepted for these fabrics.

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Quality has always been a crucial part of Crowntex’s operations.  In its pursuit of quality excellence, the company decided to implement a world-class quality management system to provide its customers with products of superior quality.

After 2 years of hard work among all staff and employees of the company, Crowntex finally received its well-deserved certificate of compliance with ISO 9002 international quality standards from AJA (EQS) THAILAND LTD on 27 September 2000.  Compliance with the ISO 9002 Quality Standards emphasizes the implementation of quality management standards by the company to ensure that the overall processes used in the production of the company’s products will meet customer's requirements.

Crowntex is very proud to have achieved this important milestone in its continuous development and growth as a leading manufacturer of drapery and upholstery fabrics and coated fabric in Thailand.  In receiving this prestigious award, the company is reemphasizing its commitment to maintaining its high-quality standards well into the future.

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