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Crowntex (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is your first choice in home textiles and coated fabrics in Thailand. Founded in 1978, Crowntex has grown from a small contract weaver to a leading textile manufacturing company. We operate a modern weaving mill and a fabric coating plant using the latest computer-controlled equipment and machineries to achieve a high degree of production efficiency and to maintain high and consistent product quality standards. Our present fabric production capacities are in excess of 12 million square meters of woven fabrics and 10 million square meters of coated fabrics per year.

Crowntex drapery and upholstery fabrics can be found in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and many other facilities throughout Thailand. In addition to a fine line of drapery and upholstery fabrics used in the home textile trade, Crowntex supplies substantial quantities of coated fabrics to residential, commercial and industrial customers. These coated fabrics are used in such applications as vertical and roller blinds, truck covers, canvas tents and tarpaulins, window shades and awnings, outdoor furniture, sun protection for greenhouses, advertising signs and banners, and many others.

We train our employees on a continuous basis to ensure good working practices, high production efficiencies and consistently high product quality levels. With the help of modern machineries, Crowntex employees strive to serve all customers responsively and to achieve consistent customer satisfaction levels. We are presently working towards achieving ISO 9002 Quality Certification by October 2000 or earlier.

Part of the Crowntex weaving mill equipped with new rapier weaving looms from Dornier of Germany.



Crowntex produces drapery and upholstery fabrics like these for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use.  These fabrics are popular among furniture manufacturers and re-upholstery specialists.

One of the many applications where Crowntex coated fabrics are used is in the manufacture of vertical and roller blinds for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, factories, etc.

Crowntex customers are located both in Thailand and overseas. We are presently expanding our export marketing activities with the objective of substantially increasing our export sales volume and expanding our international market coverage. We welcome your inquiries for both existing fabric products and also for custom-weaving and custom-coating jobs to meet and satisfy your specific pattern designs and specifications.

Please take your time to browse through the following pages to learn more about our company, our products and our services. If you have any questions or are interested in a particular product or product range, please send us an e-mail or fax us your inquiry and we shall be pleased to attend to your requests.

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